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Oh my dear,

Why between us this fear.
If something is wrong,
Talk to me let me hear.
What is your suffering,
what uh bear.
Don’t be so worry,
I’m here.
Lay on my shoulder,
Burst out all tear.
I promise baby,
All your pain will disappear.

Why people said love hurts??..
Is it really….
True love never hurts…what actually hurts is your negative thinking,insecurities,over expectations,ego,dependancy and many more factors but trust me love never hurts and the roots of all these factors are lack of communication in relationship…its really important to share your emotions with your partner because one can only help you,support you if they are aware of your condition..
 So, basically what we are discussing here is “communication in relationship”

Sometime our personal life problems also ruin relationship,we are so busy and trapped with problems that we can’t give time to our beloved,and sometime we also behave aggresive with them even your partner was not aware of your problems, they are blamed.

So, here also a solution is communication..share your problem with your partner and  let him be a part of your rescue. By sharing your problem your not bothering them but you making them feel that they are a special person whom uh need at your bad me if you are in true relationship this will make your bond stronger…

The moment we start believing that love does not hurts infact go hand in hand with pain the momment we will settle for the best & only the best.. what we have to do is sharing each other problems and caring what your partner feels.

Don’t forget its you & your partner v/s problem not you v/s your partner


Author: zainabmurtazanagda

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