Unleash your inner child

In your grown up body 

There is a little you inside.
In this busy life shedule
Between worlds heavy tide,
We have to listen it
And let it fly.
Its good to act mature,
But sometime its nice to be a child.

 inner child:- Each of us has a child residing deep inside us, one that is a direct descendant of the child we once were.

Your inner child is the most valuable part of you,the purest one,it is actually the child you once were and it will stay forever within you..
 Think about all the fun and activity you were enjoying at your chilhood,”don’t you want to occasionally enjoy them now when you are an adult”?
Trust me you would love to!!
And there is nothing wrong with it.
its ok to be hang out with your old friends,take a nap in your parents lap,watch your favourite tv show, wear some funky clothes out of formal,eat a cotton candy,play with a doll and your old toys.

You want to do all this but you are afraid of world because society is addressing you certain behaviours and none of them respects “acting childish”
Don’t live your life for sake of society do what you love to do because calling your inner child and having fun will provide you peace and fresh start.

Be a gentle man or woman for a world but for self stay little chiku and pinky and enjoy every little momment that a child do.


Author: zainabmurtazanagda

welcome to xnbwrites

2 thoughts on “Unleash your inner child”

  1. Hi Zainab, welcome to blogging. I like ur post about childhood and not letting ur inner child suffocate in the sufferings of the world. Keep writing ur doing great 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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