Best friends…

I was always thankfull
But unable to explain,
Whenever i was angry
I just exclaimed.
They were always there
At my meseries and fame,
Always supports me
Whenever i feel lame.
They made me laugh more
And cry less,
There surprises make me
feel special & best.
sometimes i was rude
But they always stay,
I always feel surronded,
Because i know they are just a call away.

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people.”

Its a relationship where you are not bonded with any kind of custom,duty ,tradition,ritual etc you are free to express your thoughts,sorrow,happiness,madness with a person with whom you don’t have any blood relation,any social relation uh are just bonded with your hearts.
Best friends knows you inside and out,deepest and darkest secrets and keep them forever,they know your flaws and still choose to be with you,
They hold your hand when you are crying and laugh with you when you are laughing harder.

So,if you are lucky one to have a bestfriends just stick to them and never let anyone destroy your bond..


Author: zainabmurtazanagda

welcome to xnbwrites

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